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KeenRentals Beta Launches is now open to the public. One of our goals is to provide the most intuitive and innovative website for connecting home owners/managers and travelers. KeenRental’s website is built to constantly evolve based on suggestions from users like you. We read and consider all suggestions that come through to us and encourage users to contact us with any feedback.

This is an early version of the site that you can browse and post properties on free of charge. We are still working out some bugs and completing features that have not been enabled at this time.

Since the site is still new, please excuse our lack of properties available at this time, we will be unrolling properties steadily from our partners and other users after making some updates to our website.

For best browsing experiences, try using the Chrome,  Firefox or Safari browsers

Thank you for your support, and enjoy the site.

Sneak Peek

After much tuning and refining KR is finally ready to roll out the, much anticipated, beta launch of this month. For those of you that cannot wait any longer, here is a sneak peek of the favorites section:


20 Unique Building Designs

We know some of you have been very patient, eagerly awaiting for the launch of KR. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this fine collection of unique building designs that made our top 20.





















20 Unique Room Designs

Due to the positive feedback we received for the architecture posting, we decided to share some unique room designs.  Choosing  the 20 to post was not easy but we picked the ones that inspired us the most and offered a unique vibe.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did!



# 18

# 17

# 16

# 15

# 14

# 13

# 12

# 11

# 10

# 9

# 8

# 7

# 6

# 5

# 4

# 3

# 2

# 1

Share Files

A friend of mine told me that he used to share files.

After trying it out I thought it was worth a mention. It is actually an quick way to quickly share files with some interesting features.

It’s worth checking out.

Unique Architecture

Creative additions or modifications can be a worthwhile investment to a house and greatly increase bookings. While researching some additions we stumbled upon several uniquely designed houses.  More images and information about these houses is available if you click on the house titles.


A modern house designed by Périphériques Architects


Four story tower house located in Germany


Cubic houses from Rotterdam


A rotating house powered by the sun

Woodland Home

A private woodland house found in Wales


Vacation/investment homes account for about 1/3rd of all properties purchased in the United States.

In 2001 there were already over 119,000,000 housing units in the United States. This amount has undeniably increased greatly since.

Over the last decade websites have made great strides in helping travelers find the right place to stay and for vacation home owners to maximize their exposure.

Billions of people travel each year that could enjoy the comfort and benefits of home rather than the confines of a hotel room.

Still, every year millions of vacation homes stay vacant.

Coming Soon